Monday, May 23, 2011

Where to Next? Mystery Tour of the UK (with BBC Learning English)

Where to Next? is an interactive game that takes its users on a tour of six locations in Britain and Ireland.

The rules

The rules are simple. Each of the six locations contains a group of English language questions and audio reports. Your tour will involve listening to these audio reports and answering as many questions correctly as possible. When you have finished one location you can progress to the next one on your tour.

But be careful! You only have a limited amount of cash. With every wrong answer, you lose some cash, and if you lose it all, you must start again!

What to do

  1. 1. Start the tour
  2. 2. Take notes

    Please note down a little information for each of the six locations.

    Name of place: ..........

    Other information (What is it? What's interesting about it?): ..............

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