Friday, July 22, 2011

Job Interview Advice: Video Tips

Tasks: Watch the videos and complete the missing information

1. Classic Job Interview Questions (
Presenter's name: _____________________
Company: _____________________

1 What is your biggest _________?

Pick something you have redressed
Use a recent __________
A weakness can be viewed as a strength
_________ answer the question

2 Why should we ______ you?

Check the job __________
Give a short summary
Give a good recent example

3 Why do you ______ the job?

Prepare an answer
Do your __________ on the company
__________ your goals to the company goals

4 Tell me about __________

Give a good balanced answer, not a life history
Follow the same __________ as your CV

2. Vault's Video Guide to Job Interview Dos and Don'ts

Advice about...

1 Clothes

Wear a __________
No ________ jewellery
No loud colours
Not too much __________

2 Handshakes

Use a __________ handshake
Use good __________ contact
No limp or bonecrushing handshakes

3 Talking about yourself

Give a __________ summary of your career and goals
Don't give your __________ life history

4 Assessing your weakness

Focus on areas that can be __________ over time ________ personality or character flaws

5 Inappropriate questions

________ give personal, private information (e.g. marital status)

6 Some important things to remember

________ up to greet the interviewer
Bring a copy of your _________
Ask for the interviewer's business ________
Turn off your _______________
Don't wear too much _________ or ______________

3 Watch: The Origin of Job Interviews (sketch from The Armstrong and Miller Show)

Go to:

4 Watch "Office Interview" (Pepsi Max Advertisement)