Sunday, September 09, 2012

Webquest: Oxford University, Oxford / university life


Working in small groups, and using online resources and/or any other resources you may wish to include, e.g. personal visits, interviews of people with inside knowledge of the area, readings from books, journals or magazines, collect sufficient information to write a short fact-based report for your class.


  1. Get into small groups of mixed nationality (2 people per group would be ideal). Make a note of each other's contact info, e.g. email address, mobile phone number, in case you need to contact each other outside school hours.
  2. Choose the subject of your report, connected to Oxford, Oxford University and/or student life. If possible, choose a topic you are really curious about. For example:
    • How best to get into Oxbridge (Oxford or Cambridge University)? How easy is it?
    • Oxford or Cambridge, which is better? (advantages / disadvantages of being a student at Oxford University / Oxford Brookes University or Cambridge University and living in the area?)
    • What is life like for people studying at Oxford University / Oxford Brookes University?
    • Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University? What real differences are there between them? Why choose one rather than the other?
  3. Prepare a short list of key questions that you are curious to know, the answers to which you can include in your report.
  4. Collect data in note form. (As for where to collect your data from, for some possible online links, see below. The links below are listed for your convenience only. You are welcome to include other resources.)
  5. Organise your data.
  6. Produce a written report laid out in standard report style, with a title, sub-headings, etc
  7. If time, share this report with other groups, e.g. by group email. Give a final draft of the report to the teacher as a homework assignment.


N.B. If you get ideas or direct quotes from any resource other than your own experience, in case the reader wishes to check your research independently, and/or study deeper, you must include a reference to each resource, e.g. in a list of resources at the end of your text.


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