Monday, May 23, 2011

Learn about Oxford, England

What to do

1. Check your Oxford vocabulary

Check your vocabulary about Oxford with an interactive crossword puzzle:
Oxford Crossword

2. Learn about Oxford

Beyond the Postcard (BBC Learning English) ( is a "series that looks at some not so well known features of some very well known places. There are text, audio and video comprehension exercises to help you practise and improve your English."

Oxford and the English Civil War

Read about the history of Oxford's involvement in the English Civil War. "In the 17th century, Oxford played an important role in Britain’s civil war. The war was between those who supported Parliament and those who supported the King."

Inspector Morse

Listen to an interview about a popular TV series about an Oxford policeman. "Inspector Morse is a popular fictional policeman from Oxford. On television he was played by the British actor, John Thaw. Ruth Ward, Chairman of the Oxford Guild of Guides, talks about the famous detective."

Carfax Tower

Watch a video about a famous tower in Oxford's city centre. "Discover more about the history of Carfax Tower and the surrounding area." Begin your visit now:

Oxford: Beyond the Postcard (BBC Learning English).

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