Wednesday, June 15, 2011

English Online - The Olympic Games

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BBC World Service | Learning English | Olympics 2008
"Do you want 'to play ball' and become an English language 'heavyweight'? We've got lots of ways to help you practise your language skills and become an English language sporting champion. On this special Olympics 2008 site you'll discover the history of the Games and improve your general and sports knowledge. You can learn the English name of every sport in this year's (Beijing 2008) competition, as well as some of the key vocabulary of nine top Olympic sports. And after you've done the work, there are lots of fun interactive quizzes to take to see how much you've learned. You can compete against your friends too in the 'Can you win?' 60 second challenge. But remember, there can be only one winner!"

BBC World Service | Learning English | Olympics | Olympics 2008
Sports' names >> quiz

Learning English - Crossword - Winter Olympics

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BBC - Learning English Blog: London Olympics 2012

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on 2012 Olympics

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